Sample PPC Ads

Using Pay Per Click is a fantastic way to get targeted traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo. When using PPC ads, make sure that you always test your ads to find out which ones have high click through rates. You may also want to use keywords or key phrases in your ads to make them appear more relevant to your target audience.

As far as testing keywords is concerned, there is a way for you to do this within your Clickbank account. This reporting system will tell you exactly which keywords translate into sales and which ones you are better off without. This gives you the power to monitor and streamline your PPC campaigns.

Here's how you can get the data out of Clickbank:

1. Sign into your Clickbank account
2. On the top of the page, choose "Account Settings"
3. Scroll down and click "Integrated Sales Reporting"
4. Click edit, then the green button that says "Add Tracking Code"
6. Follow the instructions and paste in your code

Now that you can test PPC ads and get exact data on the keywords that you are using in your campaign, launching PPC campaigns has truly become a powerful tool you can use to capture lots of targeted traffic and improve your bottom line.

Here are some sample PPC Ads you can use for your campaign to start you off. We always advise you create your own Ads . You should be able to come up with much better ones.

HEADLINE:  Weaning Breastfeeding?
Description Line 1:   Safe, Effective, Pain Free
Description Line 2:  Learn The Gentle Weaning Method

HEADLINE:  Gentle Weaning Method
Description Line 1:  Learn How It’s Done Now
Description Line 2:  Safe, Effective And Pain Free

HEADLINE:  Stop Breastfeeding
Description Line 1:  Safe, Effective and Gentle Method
Description Line 2:  For You And Your Baby . Click Here.

Remember to use your unique Clickbank hoplink when creating the links on your articles to make sure that the traffic you generate, and the sales from that traffic stream is properly accredited to you.

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