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If you are like me, a breastfeeding mom, the idea of stopping breastfeeding is something that is appealing on one hand and scary on the other. Knowing full well the benefits that extended breastfeeding can have on our babies, letting go of it is not something we decide on easily.

And yet, weaning is something that we cannot escape. From the time baby approaches 6 months and is ready to start on solid food, weaning commences.

And for working moms and even stay at home moms who have to look after several children, weaning from the breast may even happen sooner.

Lucky for us, there are a lot of options available to moms who cannot be present to breastfeed. There’s expressing or pumping milk, there’s breast milk banks and (gasp!) formula.

Sadly, the methods of weaning that is passed down from generations are not always in the best interest of moms and the babies. Most of these methods advocate abruptly ending the breastfeeding relationship, which could be emotionally damaging to the baby, not to mention the pain of engorgement and infection that is likely be experienced by the mom.

This is where Wendi Blaire's book "Hello Milk, Bye-Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning" comes in to the picture. Her book advocates the gentle weaning method, a technique that takes into consideration how our bodies work and also looks at how weaning can be used to further strengthen the sense of security and comfort of babies toward their moms.

It’s an amazing book that looks at weaning as a part of the overall breastfeeding relationship, hence the tips to address common problems moms might encounter both during the breastfeeding and the weaning stage.My baby is now 8 months old and has been partially weaned on solids. Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m lucky to be able to continue breastfeeding him this long.

However, I won’t be a stay-at-home mom for long, since duty calls, and I need to return to work in a couple of months to help support our family. It is my goal that this transition away from breastfeeding will become a welcome and pleasant change for the both of us. And after reading Ms. Jarvis’ book, I’ve decided to give breast pumping a go.

For other moms out there who are also concerned about how to slowly - and effectively - get their babies accustomed to a new way of feeding, this is an invaluable and extremely helpful book.

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