If you've ever wondered how you can manage to wean your baby from breastfeeding...

You'll Be Able To Use
The Quick, Safe, Pain-Free And Easy
Gentle Weaning Techniques
That Expert Lactation Consultants
Teach Moms When It Comes To
Weaning Babies From Breastfeeding.


  • How to Express Breast milk
  • How to Introduce the Sippy Cup
  • How to Know When Your Baby Is Ready To Be Weaned
  • How To Ease Your Baby Into Weaning
  • How To Stop Lactating Without Engorgement and Pain

If you are...

  • A working mom who needs to report back to work soon and is looking for a way to wean baby gently

  • A stay-at-home mom who's caring for more than 1 baby or child

  • A new mom who is unable to get your baby to latch on properly and is looking for a way to give your baby the benefits of breast milk

  • Nursing a toddler who will soon need to be weaned

  • Seeking relief from breast engorgement and breast pain while weaning your baby

  • A mom who expresses milk, but will soon be weaning your baby from breast milk

  • Looking for a way to help your baby sleep through the night by weaning baby from night feeding

Then, the information you read here will be of utmost help!

From: Wendi Blaire
Re: Why It's Absolutely, Vitally Important That You Wean Your Baby From Breastfeeding The Gentle Way - For Your Sake And For Your Baby's Sake!

Dear Breastfeeding Mom,

Having a new born baby can be fun and exciting. Bonding with your child and getting to know your little one is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do! Your little baby was definitely worth the nine month wait! For mothers, breastfeeding is a completely unique way of bonding and being connected to your child. The magic of breastfeeding is something nothing in this world can replace.

As much as you love nurturing and nourishing your child, though, the reality is that you do have other responsibilities, and you do have to go back to work. Because duty calls in other areas of your life, weaning your child from breastfeeding is something that must be done by every mother, and it must be done well.

Is It True - Moms Who Decide To Wean From Breastfeeding Are Selfish Women Who Don't Love Their Babies?

Weaning from breastfeeding is a topic that is not openly discussed. Just do a quick check on breastfeeding forums and you'll see how moms who are contemplating ending the breastfeeding relationship with their babies are often met with harsh criticism.

However, I believe that moms today have other responsibilities aside from caring for a baby - caring for older children, work, family obligations - that it is near impossible for a majority to keep breastfeeding, ideally, for the recommended 2 years. Weaning from breastfeeding is a personal decision, a decision that is rooted on the principle that all mothers want the best for their babies.

Women today have many roles. Some roles are even constantly changing! Women have become a vital part of society and the work force while often still being the main caretaker of the household and the children. Because of the many hats a mother puts on, society has been understanding towards mothers and when it comes to nursing their children, giving them allowance and time to go through this process.

Many mothers today still breast feed their children, understanding the benefits this natural food will have on their bundles of joy. Though breastfeeding is incredibly enjoyable for mothers, it does have to come to an end when a mother needs to attend to her other responsibilities. When this happens, the challenge of successfully weaning their child from breastfeeding arises. Weaning can be a difficult and emotional process for both mother and child, and it something that should be addressed with care.

If you are a mom who is unsure about where to begin the weaning process, or if you are a mom who is expecting a child, and needs to know about both breastfeeding and weaning, you can get your solution and all your answers RIGHT NOW! What’s on this page is going to be the best information you'll ever read!

Why Is It So Important To Obtain Instructions On Proper and Gentle Weaning?

Weaning from breastfeeding is not simply done by abruptly quitting breastfeeding. There's more to consider, including:

  • How to make sure my baby doesn't feel abandoned by their mom during weaning.

  • How to help baby adjust to the new way of taking milk (either formula or expressed breast milk).

  • How to express breast milk and store it.

  • How to stop lactation, avoiding complications like pain, engorgement, and infection.

  • What to do when baby is having a hard time switching.

  • How to wean baby from night feedings - and help baby sleep through the night.

The consequences of improper weaning can harm not only the mother, but may also affect the baby's emotional well being and sense of security. That is why the subject of weaning should be dealt with seriously and with much thought and preparation.

When I was coming out of breastfeeding my first born just a year ago (she was 8 months old at that time), I researched on the internet, trying to look for ways to help me and my baby adjust to alternative ways of feeding, since I needed to go back to work. The advice that was circulating on the internet was a mix of the good, the bad, and the downright dangerous. This was of course, advice dug out underneath all the criticisms hurled at moms designed to make them feel ashamed and guilty for choosing to stop breastfeeding and wean their babies.

Being a mom and seeing first-hand how the weaning question should be seriously addressed, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to write about it. Using what I had learned from my own experience, the extensive research I had made on the subject, countless interviews with doctors, doulas and lactation consultants and with moms who have weaned their babies at different ages, I am pleased to present to you the product of my work.


NOW, there's a product that mothers can read which will guide them through their questions and confusions about breastfeeding and weaning their baby!

This product is so easy to use! This book is designed to:

  • Help new mothers learn about breastfeeding.
  • Teach moms how to properly express milk and store it for your baby.
  • Teach breastfeeding mothers how to successfully wean their child, where to begin and what to start replacing breast milk with.
  • Help parents understand their babies at their different stages and how different problems in both breastfeeding and weaning can be solved and addressed!

And that's not all!

Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning is an amazing book that discusses nearly all the information you will need to know as a nursing mother about how to breast feed and wean your child. Imagine having all the breastfeeding and weaning techniques in one book, and making your life easier!

What’s more is you will understand the reasons behind techniques and you will be able to spot the signs that your baby is ready or that you are about to encounter a problem. Plus the solutions to the problems are all included! You will no longer have to consult anything else!

Having an easy and hassle free breastfeeding and weaning experience are exactly what this brand new eBook can do for you and your children!

How To Breast feed You Baby Properly So You Achieve Correct Latching And Breastfeeding Becomes A Truly Enjoyable Experience For You And Your Baby

Before gentle weaning can take place, it is important for moms to have a wonderful breastfeeding experience. Our book encourages moms to breast feed whenever possible, for as long as possible so that their babies will be able to receive the best possible source of nutrition and comfort for them. The book discusses tips and techniques to help moms achieve proper latch on, avoid nipple confusion, what to do during nursing strikes, how to solve breastfeeding roadblocks and problems and much more. These techniques are crucial in establishing good feeding habits in their babies.

How To Express Breast Milk And Store It Properly To Give To Your Baby

For moms who may not be able to directly breast feed, there is the option to give your baby breast milk in a bottle. The book covers expressing or pumping breast milk, how to do it, what kind of breast pump to use, and most importantly, how to store it properly.

How To Address Weaning Issues Like Nipple Confusion, Lack Of Interest In Trying New Food, Becoming Clingy, And More

The book will prepare you to recognize and address weaning issues when they arise. Aside from this, adopting the methods of gentle weaning will allow you to avoid some of these issues altogether.

How To Recognize Readiness In Your Baby To Be Weaned From Breastfeeding

Weaning happens in stages and gradually. From weaning when introducing solids to weaning completely from breastfeeding or breast milk, this book will be able to help you find signs in your baby that they are ready.

How To Solve Breastfeeding and Weaning Problems That You May Experience Such As Breast Engorgement, Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, Etc.

This book will give you a host of safe methods to help avoid, relieve, and treat these breastfeeding and weaning problems, whether you are just starting to breast feed, already in the weaning stage or expressing breast milk.

How To Stop Lactation Or Milk Production Using Safe And Gentle Methods And Avoiding Dangerous Advice Peddled On The Internet.

When it comes to helping your body adjust to weaning and reduce or stop milk production, you need to be judicious about the advice that you take. This book will be able to tell you which advice are safe, and which ones are unhealthy.

How To Use the Gentle Weaning Techniques To Wean Baby While Strengthening Your Bond With Them.

Weaning is an opportunity for moms to further strengthen the bond that they've formed with their babies and with the gentle weaning techniques found in our book, you'll be able to increase the trust and the sense of comfort that you baby has with you.

Further Strengthen The Bond That You Have With Your Baby - Even While Your Breastfeeding Relationship Is Coming To An End!

"Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning contains all the information you need to be able to breast feed properly and survive the various stages of weaning. It will help you go through weaning without fearing pain, discomfort, or even infection, and you'll know that as you wean, you are helping your baby become even more secure in their relationship with you.

I've written the book with breastfeeding moms in mind - moms who would like to wean gently so that their babies will emerge from the weaning experience emotionally more mature and secure. Here are just some of the subjects covered in this book:

  • The importance of breastfeeding.
  • How breastfeeding affects your child’s brain development.
  • How you can make your child emotionally healthier than average.
  • How you can make your child at least five IQ points smarter than average.
  • How you can provide your child with the best physical development and health almost as soon as they leave the womb.
  • Techniques for proper latching for your baby while breastfeeding.
  • Different positions for your child while breastfeeding, including two positions specific for mothers who have had Caesarean sections!
  • If you cannot or are unable to directly breast feed, you will learn how to feed your child breast milk without directly breastfeeding.
  • How to breast feed two to three children!
  • Benefits and activities for a mother who breast feeds
  • Common breastfeeding problems and how to address or solve each one, as well as prevent the problems from happening
  • How to deal with problems that will concern your baby at this young stage in their lives
  • Understanding your baby’s health by being observant of them and their body
  • How to know when your child is ready for weaning
  • How to wean your child from breastfeeding
  • Different techniques you can use when weaning your child
  • What not to do when weaning - dangerous tips and advice you SHOULD avoid.
  • How to wean a toddler
  • How to influence your milk supply - whether you want to increase it or decrease it.
  • How to properly store breast milk and how to properly prepare it before feeding it to your baby.
  • What to do about the problems you may encounter when expressing breast milk
  • How to stop lactation without causing any problems towards you and your child
  • What not to do when encountering some of the breastfeeding and weaning problems
  • When and how to begin introducing solid foods and formula milk
  • Teaching your child to drink from a bottle by understanding how they feed
  • Teaching your child to drink from a sippy cup
  • What to feed your child and in what amounts during their first solid feeding session
  • How to go straight from breastfeeding to solid food and sippy cup feedings
  • Common weaning problems and how to solve and address each one
  • How to stop night feedings and get a great night’s sleep!!!
  • The effects of weaning on your baby
  • How to help your baby through weaning
  • How to give your baby comfort without breastfeeding or feeding
  • What possible problems may arise for your child while they wean
  • How to get your child to start eating with the rest of the family
  • What Are Others Saying About

    'Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning'?

    Here are just some of the feedback I've received from those who have read 'Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning'


    "If you are looking for more tips on how to gently wean your baby from breastfeeding, check out this book. This book answers all of your questions on weaning such as how to express milk, how to spot signs of readiness for solid foods, and how to address your own problems associated with weaning such as engorgement and breast pain."

    --Survival 4 Moms Blog

    "Now there is a straightforward and practical book for moms who desire to wean. Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk is written with an understanding that today's mothers face a number of obstacles (work, other family obligations, illness) that prevent us from breastfeeding the recommended two years. I enjoyed reading it because it provides the expert advice without being preachy."


    "Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mother’s Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning is like your go-to-guide from your wiser already been there done that girlfriend. It is easily organized into sections to help you deal with getting up and running with breastfeeding, through to the stage where you will want to introduce solids and finally wean your baby from breastfeeding altogether."

    --Mama Goes Bam

    "This book is one stop guide in the world of nursing mother; from the importance of breast milk to weaning from breastfeeding. A must read reference for all mothers who wants to nurse their baby successfully."

    --Best Baby Gifts

    “Hello Milk, Bye-Bye Milk: A Guide To Breastfeeding And Weaning is an information-packed book I recommend to every mom, whether you’ve just started breastfeeding, or are thinking about expressing milk or completely weaning your baby from breastfeeding, be sure to check out this book."


    "It's an amazing book that discusses nearly all the information you will need to know as a nursing mother about how to breast feed and wean your child. Imagine having all the breastfeeding and weaning techniques in one book, and making your life easier!"

    --The Sail Boat Market

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From this bonus product you will discover, in practical step-by-step format:

  • How to know if your baby is hungry
  • How to latch your baby on correctly
  • How to position your baby in the different positions for feeding
  • How to make your nipples protrude for feeding
  • How to manually express breast milk
  • How to deal with breastfeeding problems
  • How to reduce overactive milk ejection
  • How to increase milk supply
  • How to employ the different ways of weaning your child
  • How to pump and store milk
  • How to stop lactation
  • How to introduce solids
  • How to deal with weaning problems
  • How to stop night feeding!! Get a good night’s sleep!!
  • How to comfort your child without feeding
  • How to introduce a sippy cup

Just imagine how easy it will be to look up the steps for whatever stage in the breastfeeding or weaning process you are in and get answers immediately!

While the book explains the steps in paragraph format, and helps you understand each step, this bonus product reminds you of your steps anytime you need it without having to go through the entire book!

Imagine how easy the process of breastfeeding and weaning will be once you have the information found in Hello Milk, Bye Bye Milk: An Expert Mom's Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Weaning

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